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Evolcon is an innovation powerhouse that helps companies change the way they interact with data in order to deliver valuable insights and make smarter decisions.


Our mission: Create a data-driven world.

Ignite the power of information

Evolcon is an elite group of consultants that can help you create a healthy information ecosystem in your company. We allow people across the organization to easily explore data, gain full visibility of their processes and make smarter decisions.


Our solutions enable data consumers to answer business questions, discover new opportunities and deliver valuable insights that will help your company achieve its goals.


Are you ready to bring your company to the next level?


Analytical Platforms

Ready to start or accelerate your analytics journey? We can help you maximize the value of your data assets by deploying dynamic and compelling platforms that adapt to your company’s information needs.



Take your skills to the next level and develop an internal team of data experts in your firm. Our workshops are technical or business oriented and can adapt to your personal needs.


Organizational Change

Center of Excellence

Let our consultants assist you in shaping a strong information ecosystem that combines the right people with governed data, efficient processes and flexible technologies.

Expert Services

Business & Tech Advisory

Whether you’re trying to find the right visualization for your analyses, making your calculations more efficient or fine tuning your applications, our consultancy team is ready to help you out.

About us

Tired of working with inexperienced developers who barely understand your business?

Evolcon is an elite group of versatile, business-oriented consultants with strong technical skills and more than 10 years of experience in data analytics initiatives around the world.

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